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The Walker Conspiracy-

Now Available at Indigo in West Vancouver,, Kindle, Apple iBooks and Kobo


It was supposed to be a dream family vacation, but when Kevin Walker is violently kidnapped right in front of his family in the south of France, the trip turns into an unimaginable nightmare. Enter Damon Forewell, Chief of Security at the powerful American bank for which Walker, the head of Information Technology, is employed. Forewell, a distinguished ex-CIA operative who had his celebrated intelligence career cut short by a serious injury in the line of duty, is suddenly thrust into the spotlight. Working alongside the investigators and a talented Interpol agent named Gisele Lamarche, Forewell helps to uncover a potential cyber- plot that threatens the bank’s financial stability.


But is everything really as it seems? In their desperate quest to return Walker to his family and expose the shadowy organization that took him, the truth behind the kidnapping proves elusive. A string of targeted, seemingly related murders also casts uncertainty on the motives behind the terrorists’ actions.And is Forewell up to the task? Battling his own confidence issues from so many years out of the field, he and Lamarche follow a trail that takes them from Europe to the Caribbean and back again. As the pressure mounts and the end game nears, they find themselves embroiled in a conspiracy so heinous that their own lives are imperiled even as they work frantically to save Kevin Walker from his ruthless abductors.

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